How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig

If you’ve ever thought about taking the jump from corporate America to your side hustle full time, grab those headphones! In today’s show, the lovely Amanda Boleyn from the She Did It Her Way site, podcast, and summit is joining in for an epic dose of advice.

From talking about the right time to leave a stable job, to the pressures of entrepreneur life, to serving your community as a freelancer - we cover it all. Amanda also shares the mistakes she experienced when making the transition to the entrepreneur world and exactly how to recognize and overcome those same mistakes (or ones you might find!).

We also uncover some amazing nuggets about financial confidence throughout life as an entrepreneur, and how to truly make things feel good for your own unique situation.

Let’s not forget about our interesting talk about the benefits of reiki, either. Because wow.

Whether a tenured entrepreneur or someone thinking about taking the leap, this show is pretty epic!

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