Five Essential Steps to Build Genuine Growth Online

Hello friends! Today we’re diving into a powerful discussion that’s all about staying true to your passion and leveraging it for growth in the ever-evolving online world.


I’m thrilled to walk you through five transformative steps that I have personally used to resonate with, re-engage, and profoundly impact my community. We’ll discuss how these steps can expand your influence, skyrocket your audience, and establish you as a profitable global leader.


I’ll share strategies that will propel you, no matter your following or credentials. We’re talking beyond the metrics—engagement, authenticity, and making your thoughts work for you, not against you. I’m also teasing the four common mistakes many make while trying to grow in this space and how to catalyze a shift in your approach with actionable insights to rekindle that initial spark, involve your prospects in creation, and respond to their needs with service and action.


Get ready to shake off the struggle, embrace service-oriented strategies, and welcome a future-focused mindset for unprecedented success. 


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04:04 Choose future over past for successful decisions.

06:18 Money enables impact and change in the world.

12:20 Influence, awareness, coaching for future business success.

15:19 Focus on purpose, future, consistency and support.

16:25 Influence leads to value and wealth.

19:59 Started with no purpose, strategy, followers, brand.

29:31 Connecting with your community creates meaningful relationships.

33:03 Encouraging engagement, seeking feedback, and building community.

35:23 A key step for growth, revenue and learning.

41:07 Create content aligned with your ideal prospect’s passion.

42:51 Engage, reframe, request, respond – grow influence.



“We don’t need to be living and making choices and making decisions based on our past. We need to be making choices and decisions based on how we want our future to look like, to feel like in our lives and in our business.”

— Julie

“The more that we have of it [money], the more that we can exchange and put more bountiful and abundant energy into the world.”

— Julie

“You know, when you are able to relate to your audience or your community or your customer or your coaching clients, it has the potential to make both of you more connected and relatable to one another.”

— Julie

“Step one, relate to your prospect. Step two, reengage with your prospect. Step three, reframe their thoughts by asking questions. Step four, request their support. And step five, respond with action in service.”

— Julie 



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