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Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and want to turn your passion into profit — or you’ve reached six-figures and you want to hit those elusive seven-figures… you’re in the right place.

I’ve helped thousands of influencers, course creators, and CEOs grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams, for more than 15 years.

And now I’m here to help you.

“Julie’s unique skill set of fusing together influence and impact will help anyone who wants to get to that next level.”

“Her relationships and unique ability to connect people for ultimate success are worth their weight
in gold!”

Amy Porterfield

Entrepreneur and host of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast

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Visibility Experience

Become globally known, wildly influential, and enjoy iconic success

This is a platinum-level mastermind for high-earning women who are looking to step into a global level of visibility and leadership. You are being called to a ‘what’s next’ arena of expansion and impact. 

Ideal for those who are ready to speak on big stages, publish best-selling books, and attract national podcasts & media for their work. As a member, you will receive bi-weekly mentorship calls with me and have access to all my programs and trainings.

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The One

For high-earning leaders who is ready for the next iteration of millions and impact.

Get my undivided attention with weekly, private 1:1 sessions, together to deep dive and strategize your business growth and your next level of leadership and impact. Our work together is fully customized to your needs.

3-or-6 months 1-1 mentorship options available. As The One, you will receive weekly calls with me and have access to all my programs and trainings.

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Designed for leaders who want to scale their offer(s), grow their monthly revenue, and build a credible personal brand with visibility and influence.

Along with a core focus on growing your monthly revenue for more freedom, we work together to lay the foundations necessary to leverage and gain more authority in your field.

The LUXE experience includes:

  • Bi-weekly mentorship calls with Julie
  • Access to all 2023 LIVE coaching programs while you are a member (Value $5000) 
  • Access to The Vault, all of Julie past programs included Pitch It Perfect and The Influencer Academy (Valued $5,000)
  • Special LUXE Pricing to any of Julie’s in person workshops & retreats (big savings!)
If purchased separately, the Vault and Live programs cost over $25,000
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The Vault

GET INSTANT, ALL ACCESS to my brand and business growth programs for a full year.

This includes all of my proven programs to build a brand and monetize your business. Dive straight into over 20 of my most popular and easy-to-follow courses and online programs, dozens of templates, and other resources, teaching you how to monetize your online platform, build a business with ease, and collaborate with your favorite brands. 

Includes access to my most popular programs Pitch It Perfect and The Influencer Academy! 

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are in the building phase of your brand and business
  • You’re want a one-stop-shop to starting, pivoting, or developing your brand or business

If purchased separately, the Vault cost over $25,000

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“Julie helped me realize we have the tools within ourselves”

“But we just need to understand how to take those tools and do something with them. I feel like I had tools that were just sitting in my shed not being used and you really opened my eyes to how I could access those and use them for something special.”

Mandy Schendel

Content Creator

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Because with clarity comes confidence.

Confidence is my source of self-love, awareness, joy, and ease. And now, after years of personal development work, I want to share that gift with you.

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