How to Claim Niche Authority & Build Your Success

In today’s very special episode I’m sharing the power of specialization and finding your niche. As we celebrate our podcast’s seventh anniversary, we’re not only reflecting on our journey but also on how you can refine your business’s focus to make a meaningful impact and increase revenue along your journey.


I’ll share the importance of having a clear, valuable offer and aligning it with your audience’s desires. I’ll talk about the process of crafting this offer, identifying your ideal buyer, and evaluating your sales strategy. Plus, I’ll touch on the common challenges many face when selling—like fear, rejection, and worthiness issues—and I’ll offer actionable steps to overcome these barriers.


Whether you’re struggling with mindset, feeling unworthy, or simply looking for support and accountability, I’ll provide insights on how a community, coaching, and internal transformation can catalyze your growth.


And since it’s our anniversary, we’re running an exclusive giveaway! Learn how you can win lifetime access to my program ‘Pitch It Perfect’ and other incredible prizes simply by engaging with our podcast community.


Stick around as we tackle everything from building authority within yourself to embracing selling as a service.


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00:34 Celebrating the Podcast’s Anniversary & Special Giveaway

05:23 Diving Deep into Influence, Building Authority and Strategy

07:12 Solving Common Problems, Niching Down and Specialization

08:06 Introducing the Revenue Growth Lab: A New Support Container

10:19 Specialization vs. Niche: Clarifying the Concepts

14:53 Addressing the ‘Meh Offer’ Dilemma, Crafting Irresistible Offers

21:40 Overcoming Sales Hurdles, Selling with Ease

27:37 Tackling Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt



“Specialized businesses or industries or brands focus on a specific expertise or skill set, like, say, a unique product or service that demands a technical know-how, that is what specialization means. However, niche is different. Niche actually targets a subset of a broader market with distinct customer needs.”

— Julie

“It’s not just about having an amazing offer. It’s about having someone in your world who truly wants what it is that you’re selling them and they’re willing to invest in it.”

— Julie

“It’s not about forcing someone to buy something that they don’t want or need. Because selling at its core is relationship based. And that’s why when we’re just selling all the time, we don’t even realize that we’re selling. Because it is service based. It is relationship based. When we come from that lens, it’s about genuinely helping people solve a problem or achieve a goal.”

— Julie

“Are you reaching your ideal buyers effectively? Do you have the right funnels and automations and processes and systems set up to do this in a way where you can actually access your sales approach to ensure that it’s consistently bringing money in for you and that it also aligns with your offer and your target audience, which maximizes the chances of your success.”

— Julie 



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