Sean Cannell’s YouTube Success Secrets and Engagement Tactics

Today we have the incredible Sean Cannell joining us for a truly RAW conversation about the essence of building your brand through video content. Sean’s insights are indispensable for anyone at the beginning of their journey or looking to up their game. We’ll be diving into the world of video podcasting, YouTube strategies, and how to seize the opportunity for multi-platform reach.

Sean, the brains behind the Think Media empire, walks us through his own evolution from church videos to the summit of YouTube content creation. He shares his seven-step framework that propelled the growth of Think Media, making it a powerhouse of an education company. 

We’ll cover everything from the art of crafting attention-grabbing thumbnails and the psychology behind them to researching and targeting your videos for greater discoverability, and he’ll even let you in on the gear he uses without breaking the bank.

Sean’s emphasis on actionable steps, leveraging evergreen content, and understanding YouTube’s intricate world will inspire you to take your content creation to the next level. 

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00:49 Sean Cannell’s journey into YouTube mastery

03:26 Unlocking the power of YouTube for business and personal branding

08:32 Strategies for success on YouTube: from basics to advanced tips

16:16 Overcoming imposter syndrome and embracing your unique voice on YouTube

20:57 The art of specificity in YouTube content creation

25:23 Unlocking the power of pre-planning your YouTube content

26:31 Leveraging Costco’s subculture for viral content

27:40 Mastering the art of YouTube thumbnails

35:56 Simplifying tech for YouTube beginners

42:50 Announcing the growth video live summit

46:52 Where to follow and learn more from Sean



“Now, I love all the social platforms, but you just gotta keep posting and nobody goes to your Instagram and looks up stuff from two years ago. Whereas if you’ve made the right YouTube videos and optimized them the right way, they look up your two year old YouTube videos all the time.”

— Sean Cannell 

“Where a lot of people get stuck is it’s one thing to think about the production and the title and the thumbnail. What’s even more important than that is really the topic itself.”

— Sean Cannell

“I don’t just want content to consume my entire life. I want to think about what are some intelligent ways I can do content, like starting a signature show like a video podcast and setting up systems and routines around it so that this thing could be sustainable.”

— Sean Cannell 



Sean Cannell

YouTube | @seanTHiNKs



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