Why You Should Use Video to Grow On Instagram + How To Do It

Today’s guest is someone that I have long admired. She is such an inspiration to her community and dedicated to helping us all lead healthier lives. Jen Esquire is not like any fitness influencer out there. She found her niche in the fitness world as a doctor of physical therapy and uses her social media platforms to share educational videos on how to maintain mobility, increase strength, and prevent pain throughout the body. She is a former gymnast and Pilates instructor, and her vision is to empower others to move and live a pain free, active lifestyle.

Jen shares with us her personal evolution within the fitness industry, pinpointing how a deeper understanding of her audience’s needs led to the birth of her widely acclaimed mobility program. Whether you are an aspiring influencer, an entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to enhance your physical well-being, Jen’s expertise and advice will leave you feeling motivated and ready to make intentional choices in your life and work.



– Jen’s journey in identifying her niche and creating a mobility program in response to audience engagement and feedback

– The significance of proper breathing techniques and beginner-friendly exercises for stress reduction and improving mobility

– Encouraging a playful and intuitive approach to exercise while being mindful of the body’s needs

– Discussing the value of accessibility in fitness and Jen’s provision of free and comprehensive content on Instagram

– The impact of authentic collaborations on social media visibility and growth

– Jen’s book recommendation for business strategies and her perspective on the true definition of influence

– A peek into the Mobility Method and Optimal Body membership offered by Jen for personalized mobility exercises

– Jen’s background in kinesiology, her discovery of physical therapy, and the inspiration drawn from watching patients achieve their potential



“To find success, you must be willing to listen, adapt, and sometimes, re-invent your approach based on what your audience resonates with.” – Jen Esquire

“The act of moving your body should bring joy, not be a chore. Listen to your body; it’s the best guide you have.” – Jen Esquire



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