Ashleigh DiLello on Rewiring Your Brain for Success and Well-being

Hello friends! Today, we’re thrilled to have the incredible Ashleigh DiLello joining us. Ashleigh is a renowned expert in bio emotional healing, with a captivating history of overcoming personal health crises using her unique blend of dance, neuroscience, and profound emotional insight. 


In today’s episode, Ashleigh shares her inspiring journey from battling a rare viral infection and chronic pain to pioneering a path in healing that combines emotional work with neuroscience to help others transform their lives. She shares the power of confronting fears, and the importance of taking action to avoid living with regret.


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03:18 Ashley’s Near-Death Experience

07:37 Bio-Emotional Healing

12:12 Understanding the Nervous System

26:22 Imposter Syndrome and Professional Shame

28:13 The Impact of Self-Criticism on the Brain

37:42 Choosing to Heal and Live Purposefully

42:07 Encouragement for Those Feeling Triggered



“Self criticism actually shuts down the neural synapses in the brain. That’s where information is exchanged. So when you are highly self critical, harshly self critical, you actually shut down the brain’s capacity to process, learn, and integrate new information.”

— Ashleigh DiLello

 “And that’s where so many people are like, what’s wrong with me? Why am I so terrified to fail? And that’s where we do the deeper work, right, of really understanding what is driving this worth, this perfectionism and the desire to not fail that is so powerful that it overrides your intentions, it overrides your game plan, it overrides your passion.”

— Ashleigh DiLello



Ashleigh DiLello

IG | @ashleighdilello

Visit Ashleigh’s website HERE to access a free Body Blueprint with simple steps to disrupt your negative thought loop, calm your body and emotions, take control of your thoughts and get out of survival mode.  You can also watch her free Bio Emotional Healing training designed to support you in breaking FREE from emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and pain.



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