‘TheCheeseGal’ Cortney LaCorte’s Leap from Shop Owner to Social Media Maven

In today’s episode, we’re diving into Cortney LaCorte’s journey from running a buzzing cheese board business in Nashville to becoming a full-time lifestyle and food influencer.

Cortney talks about the challenges business owners face, like managing a team, motivating employees during difficult times, and the inevitable encounter with impostor syndrome. She shares her experiences in transitioning her business and her strategies for creating authentic content that resonates with her audience.

We also explore the personal side of Cortney’s life, including her love for food and travel with her husband, their upcoming trip to Italy, and the role he plays in their content creation. Plus, Cortney will offer insights on social media consumption, setting boundaries, and finding your authentic style.



00:00 Navigating impostor syndrome, travel impact, future expansion.

05:09 Unique journey from local cheese gal to influencer.

09:01 Learn to grow following and land deals.

10:03 Discovering niche, attracting brands, opening brick-and-mortar.

13:54 Struggles with postpartum, business, and career decisions.

18:05 Accepting and embracing different life seasons gracefully.

21:39 Navigating imposter syndrome to create authentic content.

25:45 Testing lifestyle content, advice on content creation.

28:44 Travel’s impact on content creation, intentional or natural?

30:24 Sharing travel experiences and personal style evolution.

34:28 Husband’s cooking launched her into culinary space.

37:44 Dreaming of a lasting legacy in cooking.



“It’s giving yourself the permission to change your mind and know that’s not failure. It’s really just evolving. You’re evolving.”

— Cortney LaCorte

I think you just have to take inventory of, like, what is serving me right now, what is bringing me joy, and where do I really want to go in my life? And so when I came to that conclusion, I was like, no, I want to be in the “how to,” I want to show people how to make a cheese board.”

— Cortney LaCorte

“When it comes to your content, try to film around what you’re already doing versus doing things to film.”

— Cortney LaCorte



Cortney LaCorte

IG | @cheesegal



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