My 8 Tips to Prep and Plan for a Speaking Gig

Public speaking is my creative passion and most beloved form of communication.

 It’s where my artistry comes alive.

I take speaking very seriously and prepping for them is no different.

 It isn’t glamorous.

It requires a different level of dedication and forces me out of my comfort zone.

It’s SO MUCH EASIER to sit behind my podcast mic and do my thing… but being asked to keynote a conference, to pour into thousands of souls…in person… it's just a different (and exhilarating) beast.

Today on the podcast I am sharing exactly how I prep and prepare for a speaking gig.

From planning to memorization and must-ask questions - here is everything you need to be prepared to feel your best in front of any audience!

All 8 tips and questions shared on the podcast today can be found in this freebie. Grab your speaking tipsheet freebie here!

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