How Siffat Haider Leveraged Her Podcast to Launch The Cult Favorite Wellness Brand, Arrae

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Siffat Haider, the founder of Arrae—a holistic supplement brand that’s redefining the health industry. Siffat and I dive into the origin & transformation of Arrae, how community feedback shaped its products for common yet stigmatized health issues, and the strategic journey behind it all. 

We explore the deep need for influencers to extend beyond brand partnerships into creating lasting and meaningful products aligned with audience needs. Siffat shares the importance of podcasting as a medium to connect deeply with listeners, the significant role of email marketing, and the courage it takes to launch and refine in real time. She also highlights the strategies used in building Arrae—how a strong community, genuine connections, and the willingness to start imperfectly has led to monumental growth and success.


04:59 Siffat’s journey into holistic health and skincare.

08:30 Common theme of bloating and anxiety discovery.

15:23 Embrace both sides, build authentic brand relationships.

18:46 Enthusiasm leads to authenticity & connects people deeply.

23:29 Podcast interviews drive product distribution, engagement, emails.

27:27 Embrace imperfection, grow through experience, and iterate.

35:58 Launch something your audience already trusts.

38:04 Stay true to what your audience wants.


“Don’t underutilize social media. It is literally your direct line of communication with your consumers.”

— Siffat Haider

“A podcast is so important because that long form content is so valuable for people to get to know exactly who you are, for you to connect on a deeper level, I found that my podcast listeners are my most engaged audience members.”

— Siffat Haider

“I think being really tuned into what it is people are coming to you for, like, what is your expertise? What are you the best at? What do people really trust you for?”

— Siffat Haider


Siffat Haider

IG | @siffhaider


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