From Homeless to Hollywood: Racism, Personal Touches, and Values as an Influencer

In a chat about racism in the influence industry, patience, and learning what your values are, today’s episode touches on topics I’ve been hoping to cover for a while. And to help me dive into those topics, we have the warm and talented Arian Simone from Fearless Magazine.

From living in her car to working with entertainment elites like Disney and Lil Wayne to running the Fearless Conference, a place for women to learn business tactics all while understanding life principles, Arian graciously takes us along for the story of her journey.

We also chat about the unique ways she’s grown her email list and the personal touches she says are crucial for a sustainable company. Such amazing tips that I actually haven’t heard before on the show, so it’s one you don’t want to miss! A truly beautiful episode for all influencers!

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