BE SEEN: How to Find Your Voice, Build Your Brand, and Live Your Dream with Jen Gottlieb

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jen Gottlieb, the author of the upcoming book, “BE SEEN: Find Your Voice. Build Your Brand. Live Your Dream” - where she opens up about her remarkable journey of overcoming her failures, rebuilding her courage after setbacks, and taking action to finally BE SEEN.  Jen's insights are a refreshing reminder that you have what it takes to not only be seen but celebrated for who you truly are. This conversation is going to reveal the heart of "BE SEEN" and its message of embracing self-acceptance, taking action, and celebrating your true self. And guess what? Jen and I have a special gift for our listeners: the first ten folks who share this episode on Instagram will receive a copy of her inspiring book, so don't miss out!  KEY POINTS: - Jen Gottlieb on overcoming her fear of showing vulnerability and being seen  - Jen’s foundational steps and frameworks to getting out of rock bottom and be seen - Tool you can use to build your creative courage and take your first step  - How to reclaim your courage after experiencing setbacks  - What being seen means to Jen Gottlieb  QUOTABLES: “Being an actor is actually a really great way to hide because I got to hide behind characters, I got to pretend to be somebody else. I could just put on the costume and hide my real self from the world.” - Jennifer Gotlieb “I didn't figure out who I really was on my own. It was because my back was against the wall, and I had no other choice.” - Jennifer Gotlieb  “Inaction is the worst thing that you can do. Inaction is worse than failure.” - Julie Solomon “Even when we think it's not working out for us, it is always working out for us in some way, shape, or form.” - Julie Solomon RESOURCES:  Jen Gottlieb Get your own copy of Jen Gottlieb’s “BE SEEN: Find Your Voice. Build Your Brand. Live Your Dream” IG | @jen_gottlieb [WAITLIST] 🚀 Ready to amplify your impact and profit? Join me in 2024 for the Brand Mastery Mastermind, a 6-month mastermind designed for experienced entrepreneurs, content creators, and online coaches aiming to elevate their brands to the pinnacle of success. Applications open in November for our 2024 cohort! - Get on the waitlist now. [FREE]  Are you a content creator ready to take your brand collaborations to new heights? Grab the Brand Deal Playbook and unlock the secrets to securing paid partnerships with confidence. You'll gain free access to pitch templates, essential questions, and expert strategies that will propel your content creator journey to new heights, including immediate and lifetime access!  [FREE] Want the step-by-step roadmap to grow your following, monetize your content, and land paid brand deals? Click here to join my brand new free class! This is perfect for you if you want to turn your social media into a profitable & fun career… even if you’re starting from scratch! [ORDER] my book or Audible, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable so you can leverage the power of your own influence.

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