Why Smart People Underperform

Get ready for goosebumps, crazy motivation, and let’s be honest, probably some tears. This week’s show is a powerful, emotional, in-freaking-spiring episode, and one that had me nodding my head the entire time.

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformative brand strategist, writer, business and life coach, mama, podcast host of The Amber Lilystrome and business owner (AmberLilyestrome.com).

During our conversation, Amber and I touch on resisting change, stepping into who you really are, the power of sharing your unique stories, shame, and ultimately, tapping into things like fear and callings to lead a life that is authentic to YOU.

Plus, Amber shares 3 steps to figuring out who you are AND tangible steps for getting over fear. And she also provides a free download, Turn Your Brand in to a Dream Client Magnet - My Top 5 Branding Secrets Guide.

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