The Evolution of Influence: Marianna Hewitt’s Rise from Creator to Co-Founder of Summer Fridays

In this episode, I had the honor of chatting with Marianna Hewitt, veteran influencer and co-founder of the renowned Summer Fridays skincare brand. Tune in as Marianna gets up close and personal with us and lets us in on her early days of blogging and YouTube to her rise in the creator economy as an influencer, which ultimately led to her successful launch of the Summer Fridays brand.

We also talk about the evolution of content creation, choosing the right platform as a content creator, and how to cultivate strong, lasting relationships in the industry that will build your brand over time. Marianna even lets us in on the story behind Summer Fridays and her thought process that went into launching a successful skincare brand.

So if you’re looking for some expert insights in the content creation and influencer marketing space, this episode is going to give you the valuable knowledge and inspiration you need for your own journey as a content creator!

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– Marianna’s decade-long journey from aspiring creator to brand founder

– Choosing the ideal platform for your brand in the content creation landscape

– The evolution of content creation: Instagram vs TikTok

– How Marianna evolved from content creator to co-founder of Summer Fridays

– Turning ideas into reality: a look into Summer Fridays brand launch journey

– The keys to building & cultivating relationships to build a powerful personal brand

– Marianna’s approach to creating unique and authentic product launches

– Business reflections: One thing Marianna would have done differently in her business

– Striking a balance between personal & professional sharing on social media

– What influence means to Marianna Hewitt


“I think ignorance is bliss. Had we known all the steps it would have taken it would have seemed so overwhelming. So it’s great to have these big goals of where you want to be, but that can sometimes hinder you and make you feel a little bit fearful. It’s really about starting one step at a time, and then one tiny step leads to something else.” – Marianna Hewitt 

“If you’re an introvert and you don’t like going to events, you don’t have to. It’s okay to do the things that are serving you best and where you think your time is best spent.” – Marianna Hewitt 

“Instead of feeling pressure to be on a platform that you think isn’t right for you, go where your strengths are.” – Marianna Hewitt 

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Marianna Hewitt

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Summer Fridays

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