Overcoming Perfection, Honoring Your Well-Being & Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

“No matter what place you’re in, we all have a power inside us to get to a great place.”

Words of wisdom from the lovely Melissa Wood, who is joining us for an episode on aligning with your purpose, healthy practices that instill self-compassion, authentic ways to work (and not work)  with brands, and finding your audience while learning who you’re speaking to.

Melissa is the owner of Melissa Wood Health and is a certified health and wellness coach and yoga teacher, whose mission is to guide people to a place of loving and accepting themselves. She shares herself and her workouts on her Instagram, along with a wealth of knowledge over on her site MelissaWoodHealth.com. Being featured in outlets like Forbes and Women’s Health (to name a couple), Melissa has seen tremendous growth in her business - namely since showing up as herself and learning who her audience is - and what they want.

Lots of self-love, self-purpose and positive vibes coming at you today!

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