Monetize Like a Pro: TEZZA Barton’s Insider Tips for Building a Profitable Brand!

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with someone whom I consider to be an Instagram icon, and that is none other than Tezza Barton! In this conversation, Tezza brings us along her journey into the influencer world, how she found her unique style by focusing on her love for creating visual content and storytelling, and how all this eventually led to her becoming one of the first influencers in the space to monetizing her brand!

Tezza also talked about the challenges faced when launching products such as her famous presets and collage kits, and revealed her top advice for aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs when it comes to monetizing your content. So if you’re looking for valuable insights and practical advice on building a sustainable and successful brand from one of the OG influencers on Instagram – this episode is a must-listen!

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– Tezza’s definition of influence and her journey from photographer to influencer

– How to fuse your expertise and passion into a monetizable business

– Building the confidence to stand out and find your unique style in the influencer space

– The driving factor behind Tezza’s preset product and app launch

– Tezza’s most difficult obstacles and lessons learned from launching her own products

– The keys to Identifying and understanding your ideal customer

– Future plans and what to expect on the Tezza app

– Tezza’s biggest win and biggest challenge in the last year

– Advice for anyone starting out or feeling stuck in their journey


“Don’t quit. I promise if you’re consistent, things will come.” – Tezza Barton

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Tezza Barton

“The more you share your creativity, the more you grow and the more you can evolve.” – Tezza Barton

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