How Inaction Cost Me $700,000 In My Business (And How to Overcome It!)

Welcome back friends! Today, we’re diving into the art of smart spending in your business. We’re going to break down the basics of where to place your hard-earned cash and, more importantly, how to overcome your fear of spending money.

I’ll be sharing 3 key considerations to factor in anytime you’re deciding to spend money in your business, as well as 3 main areas I would focus my spending on coming into 2024. And if all this money talk is making you nervous, then make sure you stick to the end, because I’m also sharing how giving into my fear of spending money ended up costing me $700,000 in my business.

So if you’re looking to discern between blindly spending and strategically investing in your business, and multiplying your earnings by being intentional with your money – then this episode is for you!

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– 3 key considerations when spending in your business

– Understanding the dire costs of inaction and letting fear dictate your decisions

– How one inaction cost me $700,000 in my business

– The importance of using the right tools and strategies for maximum efficiency

– What to look out for when you’re building your dream team

– Why you need to find trusted coaches and sources to learn from and invest in


“Fear, particularly the fear of spending money, can be way more of a costly adversary than a costly protection.” – Julie Solomon

“You either learn or you win, but you don’t lose.” – Julie Solomon

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