5 Simple Steps to Break Free from Self-Doubt and Unleash Your Alter Ego with Todd Herman

Today, we are diving deep into the concept of alter egos and how they can transform your performance and mindset. And I cannot think of a better guest to discuss this with than Todd Herman, renowned coach for elite performers, who has mastered the art of tapping into the power of your alter ego to overcome self-doubt, unleash your true potential, and achieve success in any area of your life.

Todd’s expertise comes from years of working with athletes, leaders, and entertainers, helping them tap into their inner strengths and transform their performance. In this powerful episode, Todd discusses the importance of context and emotional resonance in building an alter ego, and provides 5 practical steps that you can implement today to activate your heroic self.

Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, or simply looking to level up in your personal life, this episode will inspire you to harness the power of your creative imagination and become the best version of yourself. Tune in now and discover the secrets to unlocking your alter ego!

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– Dispelling common myths about coaches, affirmations, and motivation

– The origin of the Alter Ego and why it’s so effective in overcoming self-doubt

– Understanding and embracing your Heroic Self to achieve your biggest goals

– 5 simple steps to embody your Alter Ego

– How can we embody our Alter Ego and be authentic at the same time?

– How your Alter Ego can help you navigate trauma and become who you want to be


“Most of the stuff that stops an athlete as they rise higher and higher is always that six inches between their ears.” – Todd Herman

“We all have this kind of definition of who we think we are. And when we take a look at the definition of who we think we are, a lot of times we’re putting ourselves in a box that won’t allow us to reach the success that we’re striving for.” – Todd Herman

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