Julie Answers Your Q’s about TBA


00:27 – Question: How do I know if this will help my brand? 

01:46 – Question: Is TBA is right for your niche

05:30 – Question: I am ready to invest, but I’m having a problem with growth on social media. I don’t really understand why Instagram or TikTok are not really pushing my videos out. Will this solve my problem if I invest in TBA? 

08:00 – Example of algorithm changes 

11:30 – Question: In what ways can this program be beneficial for me? I’ve been on social media for years. I’ve tried a lot of the trends. I feel like my offer is clear and my signup is easy, but I’m missing that consistency and I’m not sure what exactly I’m missing and really what exactly I need to do differently to succeed. And I’m not really sure where to start. 

15:09 – Question: I need to think about know. I just don’t know.

22:16 Question: What are the two new add-ons in TBA? TBA Boost and the 1:1 call?

24:31 Question: What if I have various niches? What if I have multiple businesses? What if I have multiple brands? Will TBA be able to help me?

27 :45 Question: Is this just for influencers? 

30:57 Question: What is the success rate?

32:44 Question: How do I decide if I’m going to invest in TBA? How do I decide which niche to double down on after years of kind of posting whatever I wanted to?

35:04 Question: Do you recommend me starting a new account? If my account right now is a personal one or if it’s not getting a lot of views, or if it’s not getting a lot of likes?

36:26 Question: Will I get content ideas from TBA?

38:31 Question: Any tips in TBA for writing a good caption?

39:43 Question: Does TBA help me build community rather than just gaining followers?

41:36 Question: I really want to do this. I think this is perfect for me, but I’m scared.

43:57 Question: Is this course only for content creators?

44:37 Question: How do you stay up to date with the latest platform changes and algorithm, and how do you use TBA to apply this to your strategy?

45:28 Thank you for being here! Doors close Friday March 1st and won’t be open again until 2025.

50:01 Question: When are the coaching calls?