Taking “Messy” Aligned Action with Tiffany Napper

Today on the podcast, we are chatting with the lovely Tiffany Napper, holistic business coach and one of my amazing SHINE mastermind members!


If you struggle with trusting yourself to "make the right the decision" in your business, this is the episode for you!


Tiffany specializes in helping female creatives grow sustainable and profitable businesses on their own terms.


During this conversation we talk about Tiffany’s roadmap to take "messy aligned" action, how to take the next big leap even when it's scary, understanding who you are and what impact you hope to make, the power of a supportive community, and how to find the answers and next steps for yourself.


What you'll hear:

  • Understanding the the importance of the impact you want to make
  • Why surrounding yourself with the right people is imperative to your success
  • The importance of taking action even when things aren’t “perfect”
  • How to get out of “hustle mode” and work on what matters


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