I Stopped Drinking, Lost 7 lbs, and Slept Better In Just One Month, Here's How

At the end of last year, I started to compound patterns and behaviors that were not supporting my vision or making me feel good. I wasn't sleeping, I was gaining weight, and my skin was a mess. I was exhausted and resentful. I felt disconnected from my ability to influence and impact at my highest level. A few months ago, I decided to stop doing something unhealthy and replace it with small, simple habits. These new, simple habits changed my life! 
In just 3 short months, I gained clarity and confidence that I hadn't felt in years. It was massively transformational. Today, I will share what these changes are, how you can apply them, and how they will profoundly change your ability to impact and influence yourself and others. I also give you the opportunity to work with me through your own changes as a support system in my new membership, the info is below in the resources!
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