How to Write a Best-Selling Book with Julie's Writing Coach, Mary Curran Hackett

Have you ever met a coach that really helped bring a creative process out of you? A coach that "got you" and was able to support you a deep way? I am excited to introduce you to one of my coaches that has done just that, Mary Curren Hackett. Mary was my writing coach (yes, they exist!) when I was writing my new book Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable (releasing June 7).
Today on the podcast, I am giving you a behind-the-scenes look into my writing process, and how Mary supported me through it all. You are going to hear, for the first time ever, how I went from having ideas to turning them into book chapters.
You will also learn how a writing coach is different than a ghostwriter or an editor- and how they play an important role in bringing a book to life. You will also hear the myth that most people think when it comes to writing (hint: no one does it alone!) and why asking for help is the key to a book's success.
If you are a writer or dream of becoming one, you will love this episode!
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