How I Laid The Foundations of My 7-Figure Brand in 6 Steps

Hello friends! In this episode, I am going to give you a step-by-step roadmap to building and growing a brand that will give you the potential for unlimited growth.


I dive deep into topics such as identifying your purpose, creating a solid brand strategy, and narrowing down on your ideal audience. I also share valuable insights on how to do market research the right way, the importance of having an email list, and why you should be creating your own products and services. This is truly a roadmap to building a sustainable and thriving brand in a crowded online space.

It’s a long and daunting journey, but with the right foundations in place, you can definitely achieve unlimited growth potential in your business. Tune in to find out how!


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– The powerful relationship between service and abundance

– Why you need a strong core influential foundation for sustainable growth

– Step 1: Identify your purpose

– Step 2: Develop a solid brand strategy

– Step 3: Niche down and narrow into your target audience

– Step 4: Give your community a place to congregate

– Step 5: Create your own products and services

– Step 6: Focus on growing & scaling your business

– Small steps you can take if you’re not sure where to start



“In order to have more abundance, you have to be of service.” – Julie Solomon

“It’s not always about doing more, but it’s about serving your community in a way that actually changes lives.” – Julie Solomon


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