Get Exactly What You Want 28 Day Challenge: Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 of our 4-part Get What You Want 28 Day Challenge.
During this 28 days, I’ll be walking you through tools that help you LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME BLOCKS, REALIZE WHAT'S POSSIBLE, AND GET WHAT YOU WANT. Now, this challenge also comes with an incredible, free study guide and private Facebook group.
If you’d like the study guide or want to join our private group, just go to juliesolomon.net/freegift for your access!
Each week you've joined me here on The Influencer Podcast and inside our member’s only community for a new audio lesson that covers how to get what you want. You will end your 28-day challenge with a full realization of what’s possible for your life so you can get what you want!
The challenge ends on March 1st @ 6pm with a live event with me here -- www.juliesolomon.net/live
I have a BIG announcement including an exclusive invite to a free live virtual event experience I’m hosting this summer to take what you want to the next level. I’m also announcing something huge on March 2nd here on the podcast that will not want to miss!
We started with Part 1 of the challenge, which covered what’s holding you back, in Part 2 we covered step 2, "what do you want", and last week we covered Part 3 which was all about boundaries, you can recap everything in episodes 250, 251 and 252.
Today with Part 4 we are going in with an important key to getting what you want, and that is finding your purpose!
Now this is probably the most important part of the ENTIRE challenge because until you know your purpose, you'll never truly get what you want or know what you want.
What You'll Hear:
  • How being fired (and hives!) led me to hiring my first coach
  • The difference between passion and purpose
  • How I shifted from reactionary mode to something better
  • Why releasing the need to "know everything" shifted everything for me
If you want to support through the study guide, join the Facebook group for weekly in-depth discussions with Julie!
Make sure to grab your FREE challenge workbook and join our private community at www.juliesolomon.net/freegift
Make sure to join Julie on March 1, 2022 at 6pm CT for a live event and big announcement! You can join us at www.juliesolomon.net/live

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