Mastering Brand Collaborations

Develop a messaging strategy that truly resonates with your audience…
So you can get paid to work with brands you love!


If you’ve been struggling to monetize your content, this is for you…

Nobody tells you this, but your elevator pitch is HOW you monetize your content and get paid to work with the brands you love. Nail this and everything else you do with your content is going to be a piece of cake. 

But miss the mark on it and you WILL NOT see the success (or money!) you deserve – no matter what else you get right with your social media content and strategy.

This one major area is what so many content creators struggle with figuring out, which usually costs them a ton of wasted time and money along the way.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something big and give away my highly valuable modules from my most recognized and sought-after program (Pitch It Perfect), which contains every step you need to go from side-hustle defeat to paid brand deals and quality content that reaches your ideal followers—in less than one week.

Ensure your brand gets the exposure it deserves to help your business stand out and be successful, rather than risking being lost among the competition.


Mastering Brand Collaborations


    With this free training series, you will get immediate access to 3 powerful video trainings
    (Valued at $399)

    Prepping Your Pitches

    In this first training, I will guide you through the pitch process so you can lead with confidence and clarity in making a standout first impression.

    We cover: 

    • Your 4 prep steps to pitching
    • Why it’s important to take notice of the collaborations happening around you
    • Tips for finding contact and collaboration opportunities
    • How to keep your response expectations realistic

    Your Elevator Pitch

    Regardless of where you’re at with brand collaborations and growing an engaged audience online- this lesson is the next make-or-break factor for landing paid brand deals for the long term, and one that I see so many creators miss the mark on.

    We’re covering:

    • Four-Step Elevator Pitch Formula
    • Elevator Pitch Ideas
    • The #1 place in your content where your elevator pitch MUST appear

    Connecting Your Values to Your Pitch

    In this lesson, we delve into the significance of establishing clear business values prior to pitching a brand, providing guidance on crafting core values and emphasizing the crucial connection between your values and pitch success, while also addressing the four essential questions to ensure alignment with your values before sending a pitch.

    • Why it’s important to get clear on your business values before you pitch a brand.
    • How to create your core business values.
    • Why connecting your values to your pitch is the key to pitch success.
    • We are also going to cover the 4 questions you must ask yourself before ever sending a pitch so you stay aligned with your values.
    With these trainings, you will learn my multi-6-figure, easy-to-implement strategies for landing paid brand deals so you can secure the most essential foundation of your content creation without wasting time.

    Here’s what else you can expect!

    After signing up, I will send you a daily email that will support you through each module and step to create your profitable pitch.

    These emails are my way of preventing confusion and overwhelm as you dive into these trainings, holding you accountable to the work so you move forward and take the actions your business needs!

    The total value of these trainings is $399, but for a limited time,

    I’m letting you grab them for FREE.


    • Afraid that the industry is oversaturated and you won’t stand out…
    • You’ve tried landing brand deals before but it didn’t work…
    • Don’t think it’s possible to grow on social media these days because of the algorithm…
    • Held back in your growth and exposure because you lack confidence & clarity…
    • Don’t think you can ever turn your passion into a “real” job…
    • Keep going at it alone since you’re afraid to invest in another program that leaves you stuck…

    These trainings will give you the exact blueprint for creating an elevator pitch and pitch strategy that lands brand deals with EASE and leaves your followers raving about you to everyone!

    Don’t waste time & money this year trying out random strategies that won’t work.

    Take advantage of this limited-time deal and get lifetime access to everything you need to effectively monetize your content and work with brands you love, each and every time –

    Slingshot your business to the 6+ figure success it’s capable of!

    VALUE: $399
    Your cost: FREE

    Julie Solomon is the founder of Pitch It Perfect, best-selling author of Get What You Want, and host of the chart-topping The Influencer Podcast.  

    As an expert with over 15+ years in marketing, public relations, and personal branding, she has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, Huffington Post, and People Magazine. With her viral podcast achieving millions of downloads in more than 178 countries, Julie was recently named as one of the Top 100 leaders in influencer marketing. 

    Throughout her decade-plus career in publicity and branding, she has spearheaded campaigns for best-selling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide and entertainment acts who have gone on to capture an array of accolades including GRAMMYs. 

    Since 2016, she’s worked with thousands of content creators, bloggers, and influencers, helping them land over $1 million in paid brand campaigns, and she herself has landed over $800,000 in branded partnerships and sponsorships. 

    With degrees in Journalism and Communications, her proven experience empowers creators to expand their brands and grow their influence. 

    Julie believes your hard work shouldn’t go unpaid. 

    You deserve to be paid for the audience you’ve worked so hard to bring together, no matter the size. 

    … and now, it’s time to hand over the education to YOU!